About us


Chintan Industries

Engineered for Longevity

The best companies are often built by people who cannot find what they want. And out of sheer necessity, they give rise to sheer excellence. This is how Chintan Industries was founded.

The founding team at Chintan Industries brought several decades of combined operational expertise and industry leadership. These elements added to the company’s strong foundation that would soon set the industry benchmark in value-added quality for the films vertical.


Our Management Team (Founded in 1983)

Our management team brings a mix of seasoned expertise, acquired understanding, and comprehensive operational brilliance. With accountability at its core, the management team’s key role is to establish the long-term vision for Chintan Industries, develop the roadmap for its attainment, and then effectively manage resources to accelerate or support such strategic roadmaps.
We take immense pride in being a meritocratic platform where skill, talent, and discipline trump every other variable.




Managing Director




Our Vision & Mission

Our vision and mission statements stand as tall examples of what we plan to achieve in the long term, how we plan to achieve it, and what differentiates our DNA as a company

Our Vision

Developing an industry-leading platform of quality excellence at scale by investing in technology and human capital.

Our Mission

Establishing our leadership in setting value-delivering quality standards across the films & associate offerings industry.


Our Value System

Technology is cyclical and operational processes have a shelf-life. With industry tremors, both the dynamics go through undercurrents of tremendous changes. But the value system stays the same for centuries to come. And that is why our founding team emphasised establishing a concrete set of operating principles that bridge the gap between our steady-state operations and the vision we have set for ourselves.

Our value system acts as the guiding light for every strategic, tactical, and critical decision-making process at Chintan Industries. These principles are embedded in systems, technologies, and organizational processes that bear our name and are an inherent part of our operational ecosystem. With every passing year, our growth stands as an exemplar of how these operating principles help us deliver more value to our customers than the industry average.

Continuously Pushing the Benchmark of Quality

No form of quantified excellence is perennial. The highest industry standard is always on the move. And hence, our core focus is to ensure we are pushing our quality standards across an infinite continuum – every day, month, quarter, and year.

Comprehensive Testing at All Touchpoints

Quality assurance practices have more to do with accountability than they have to do with following the status quo. Hence, we focus more on gathering data at as many touchpoints as possible to triangulate our insights into our symbiotic processes.

Technology Precedes Processes

While we have optimized each process for our quality benchmarks and our customers’ needs, we are not anchored to a particular process. Our end goal is to deliver the highest possible standard at a value-adding price, and we are positioned to leverage technology and achieve it.

Attract the Best Talent and Help It Grow

While our platform is dependent on high-performance technology, we are essentially a business. Human capital is the building block of each growing and sustainable enterprise. And hence, we take active care in ensuring that we are attracting the finest talent in the industry and providing it the room, nurturing, and direction to grow.

Long-Term Partnerships Over Short-Term Trades

Manufacturing processes take years to get perfected yet depend on supply chain cycles for continued efficiency. Hence, we have deeply invested in cultivating industry-wide partnerships that yield quality, accuracy, and consistency to our customers.